Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A New Way for a New Year

November 1 is the Celtic New Year.  It seems like a good time to start a new way of eating.  

Local eating is a way for each of us to reconnect with our land, with the small farmers and growers that are our neighbors.  It is a way for each us to make a significant impact on climate change and peak oil.  It is a way to put food on our plates which is fresher and better tasting, and is free of sprays, waxes, fungicides, irradiation, trans fats, and all the other technological miseries of the commodity food industries.  

I will be posting our experiences, our food choices, a source reference for others in Northern Colorado, recipes for using and preserving locally-available foods, and whatever comes to mind as we continue our year-long journey in our own backyard.